[english] April 28, 2017 Call for the demonstration “The Day of Sardinia against the military occupation”

Call for the demonstration of “A Foras” (Get out!) against the military occupation of Sardinia. April 28, 2017 @ the military range of Quirra.

The struggle of “A Foras”, the assembly of organisations and individuals that oppose military occupation in Sardinia continue to grow in strength and determination. On the 28th of April, in concomitance with the celebrations of the Day of Sardinia, there will be a vast demonstration at the military range of Quirra.
Against the War
After the last meeting in Bauladu A Foras -against the military occupation of Sardinia- has decided to call for another protest against the military ranges, after the successful demonstration at Capo Frasca last November. During this critical time in the Middle East and the rest of the world, criminal conduct is intensifying. Taking action against imperialism and colonialism is becoming even more vital. This is certainly the only hope and possibility to establish peace, to show active solidarity to all those affected by war.

This month’s demo constitutes the continuation of the struggle to shut down weapon factories and free Sardinia from its military bases. On this day we have chosen to take action on this symbolic day: the 28th of April.

Why April the 28th?

This day has been chosen by institutions to celebrate Sardinia’s Day with nothing but empty rituals and trivial folkloristic celebrations. We want the day to have a different meaning – that of struggle and of liberation. What could be a better way to celebrate our people’s resilience than to write our own destiny against military occupation of our land?

This land has been suffering at the hands of Nato, the US and the Italian State, their armies and harmful threats for way too long. We don’t need any more pointless celebrations of our history, we need to translate remembrance into action and social engagement.

Why Quirra?

These are the reasons why we will mobilise on the 28th and why we have chosen to do it at the military range of Quirra (PISQ), the very emblem of Sardinia’s military occupation. They will find us carrying hundreds of flags with the Four Moors, showing that our people stand will together in the face of its tormentors. Sardinia isn’t that far from international battlegrounds. Despite its interests and intention it has become an accomplice in war crimes. Its land is being used for military exercises and to test new deadly weapons that will be used to exterminate other populations, while Domusnovas military factory keeps producing missiles and bombs that are deployed on unarmed civilians.

For this reason we’ll be at the military range in Quirra, the emblem of the military occupation. Built in 1953 and over 13 000 hectares, it is the biggest in Europe. Its highly damaging effects on the population and the environment is widely known fact that is currently being presented as evidence in a trial against 8 ex army generals, indicted for crimes against the environment, nature and humanity; those who should be entitled to safety and should be able to live freely in their own land. Today, the name Quirra evokes the images of military exercises, the deploy of deadly weapons of mass destruction and the blackmailing of helpless territories. It doesn’t have to be like this forever. We want things to be different tomorrow.

We will not accept a so called “reconversion” that means only putting these lands once again under the control of the army, justifying it as technological and scientific research… We will unite and fight together against the epidemic rise of cancer cases, malformation in babies, one eyed baby lambs. We will fight because we want to return to the lands that have not been irremediably polluted yet and together find ways to make them livable again. If we, Sardinian, won’t do it, no-one will.

Getting ready for the demo

We are traveling all over Sardinia to inform people and get them involved because we want more of them to be consciously and actively part of our struggle. We are focusing especially on the areas of Sarrabus and Ogliastra, where we are presenting our research on the PISQ and its impact on the environment. Buses and other means of travel are being organised all-over the island, because we want everyone to be involved.

Invitation to mass participation

We want everyone who shares our concerns and aims to get involved in this movement and to spread to word and raise awareness across Sardinia, in schools, universities, our communities, cities and villages. We are inviting everyone to take part in this day of struggle, civic engagement but also celebration and community.

We’ll be carrying the flag that identifies us all, the Four Moors flag, bringing with us our will to stand together, united for the right cause. We will all be there as a community, to stop the military exercise and claim back the lands that have been stolen from us.

Where and when

The meeting point is at the Quirra bar, along the old SS125, km78, on the 28th of April at 11 o’ clock